Local tourism

Discover the champagne cellars and the Champagne tourist route, a route with a rich cultural heritage. This is a marked trail about 220 km crossing a dozen villages on the “Côte des Bar” (Bar-sur-Seine and Bar-sur-Aube).Between hills and green valleys, it takes you on a journey that will reveal the secrets of this prestigious beverage, and men who elaborate it for generations. The winemakers will open their cellars of Champagne with pleasure. The Champagne route…
The Abbay of Clairvaux, Cistercian Abbey is situated in the forest near Bar-sur-Aube and Bayel. This magnificent abbey was built by St. Bernard, in 1115. Abbay of Clairvaux…
Renoir’s studio built in 1905 is open to the public. Pierre-Auguste Renoir Essoyes rests with two of his sons, Pierre and Jean, died Feb. 12, 1979 and his second wife, Dido Freire, who died in the U.S.A in 1990. Renoir’s studio…
Discover or re-discover the history of France through your journey at Charles de Gaulle Memorial at Colombey-les-deux-églises in Champagne. Charles de Gaulle Memorial
With its forests (twenty thousand hectares) and three lakes, the Regional Natural Park of Forêt d’Orient is a breath of fresh air in the heart of department “Aube”. The Regional Natural Park of Forêt d’Orient